Music Beats Central – Artist Of The Week: Q&A With Anthony Koletti

  1. Please tell the readers who is Anthony Koletti and where you’re from?

When I was younger I used to compete in inline skating. I worked as a hairdresser for 20 years in some amazing salons around the world. Born and raised in Sydney where I still live.

  1. How old were you, when you knew you wanted to become an artist?

Having been a creative artist of some sort my whole life. The first memory of creativity came at a very young age. I was 9 years old and The Simpsons had just come out, What a catchy tune I recall thinking. I remember being at my cousins house who have a beautiful Grand piano I sat myself on the throne and played each note until I nailed it which took around an hour of persistence.

  1. How did you get the name “Paws Off” as your artist name?

You can’t listen to music with “Paws On”.

  1. What has been the most rewarding and the most challenging, being in the music industry?

Most rewarding thing to me is seeing anyone tapping their feet and nodding their heads when appreciating my craft.

  1. Your latest EP “Ozaki8”, which song is your favourite? And which song was your favourite to produce?

My favourite song is track 3 “Missing You”. My favourite to produce was “Ozaki 8”, I remember sitting on the balcony with my wife frantically writing down words on a post it note, having already named the album “Ozaki 8”, the music had more or less been produced but I had no vocals. Being not much of a song writer, I sent the words I had written to the vocalist on the track, Anki surprisingly loved them and “Ozaki 8” was born.

  1. The title of the EP “Ozaki8”, what does it mean?

The question everybody asks when they see the name of the album. The album was actually named by son. The answer to this question is simply I listen to music constantly to shape my energy levels. The same applies to the music I produce, “Ozaki 8” is the energy conjured up while pushing the boundaries of life progression, or simply the euphoric feeling captured while undertaking your favorite activity, passion or sport (whatever that may be for you).

  1. You have produced for some amazing upcoming Australian artists. Which artist did you enjoy working with and why?

I am very lucky to have worked with only admirable vocalists. Ozaki 8 my “Debut Album”, has been the most enjoyable to work on alongside Anki Delport aka “Lokka Vox”, being an album you have to tell a story. To hear the story you have to listen from start to finish.

  1. In the coming months, what should the fans expect?

2016 is set to be an explosive year for “Paws Off”. A remix album of my greatest hits also a follow up album are already in the pipeline. Stayed tuned for an abundance of “Uplifting Audio Fuel”.

  1. And what would you like to say to your new and current fans?

There is nothing more flattering as an artist, than people loving and finding meaning in your music. Without people listening to your music it doesn’t exist. To all on the journey and just tuning into the journey,

Much Love,



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