Paws Off on Creative Inspiration

Creativity to me is about really understanding the foundations of where something has come from, and then being able to deconstruct that and use those elements to build something entirely new. Something that no one has ever heard before.What I love about EDM is that the tools are constantly evolving and changing which allows me to dig in and really push the envelope with the music I make. Whether I am working with vocalists, mixing tracks, or enhancing audio, there are endless possibilities and the only limitations are my imagination.

From my days as a pro-skater, to working in high fashion and celebrity hairdressing, music has shaped my life. It’s the audio fuel that drives my energy & passion for everything that I do. I love the way that music becomes part of the fabric of your life –  it can evoke a memory or create a mood and shape the energy that you bring to everything you do. I’ve always had music in my ears!

When I am in the studio my focus is on creating scenes using lyrics and sound. I share stories that capture a moment in time, and connect that moment to an emotional journey. I believe that every song holds the essence of an era and I draw from those memories – from the bright lights and big city feels of the Big Apple, to the intensity of new love, or that track you listened to on repeat that helped you through your darker days.

Music is so powerful as art because it means something different to everyone. The memory that a song awakens in me might mean something completely different for you, and the cool thing is that there is no right interpretation. The meaning is what you make it, and each new perspective adds depth and complexity to the value of each piece. I make and produce music because it gives me a form of creative expression that’s always fresh and exciting. There are so many different avenues and directions to take, that the possibilities are infinite.

I believe that if you have a dream then you have to live it. Music is my major calling, and so I just have to put myself on the line. Every track I release is an invitation for you to step one of my memories and to share that experience. You know, it’s more than that, it is an opportunity to join the conversation and contribute to the evolution of the electronic music scene.

I’d love to hear from you, and I always answer all my messages personally. Drop me a line on and let me know what you think!


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