Ozaki 8 now available on iTunes and Spotify

I am so stoked to share this with you: The Ozaki 8 EP has officially dropped!

Ozaki 8 was born from my journey to find a meaningful way to live my life and express my creativity regardless of where my journey was taking me. You know, we are all searching for that outlet, the form of expression that makes what we do really matter. For me it’s about always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible, from the day-to-day activities where we can really take it to the next level, to our personal passions – how I take the next black run at Aspen.

I came from the pro-skating scene where it was super competitive, but there was also always a really strong sense of family in the comps you know a community of bros. A lot of us really came grew up together, and it’s been epic to still collaborate with those guys, bounce ideas and get their feedback on each track. I think it is those relationships we build on our journey that are so important.

The name Ozaki 8 comes from the 8 ordeals, extreme feats of athleticism that honor the incredible forces of nature. I asked my son what to name the album, and it was him who came up with the name. It’s cool, he knows that I’m into extreme sports and pretty much an adrenaline junkie, so it seemed like a natural fit. What I love about the Ozaki tests is that it’s all about the mental, physical and spiritual preparation. That when you face a challenge with purity of mind, body, and spirit, you can achieve anything you want to.

The story on the album takes you on a journey from that first spark of hope that there might be something more for you in life. It’s about realising that you have to take the pause button off – we only get one shot so what are you waiting for? It’s about living all out and finding the freedom to be you, whatever that means in your life.

The message I really want to share is that everyone is always asking “What does it mean?” We are always searching for the deeper significance in life. In the end I don’t think there is just one answer – it is what it means to you that matters!

For me the real meaning is revealed when people share with me the tracks that resonate for them. When they share their stories, and we see that we all share the same journey.

I would love to hear what you think, and what Ozaki8 means to you – PM me on Facebook, I personally respond to every message. Peace.

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/ozaki-8/id1105719053
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Xo03O09n4hNxuI5LyTN2R




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