The freshest Sydney music production studio

Paws Off Productions is the brainchild of local Sydney artist Paws Off, aka Anthony Koletti.

An independent music producer, Anthony founded Paws Off Productions to provide support and guidance for emerging artists. Paws Off Productions create and market electronic music globally to devotees of trance, EDM, dubstep, and techno.

It is rare to see a producer in the electronic music scene who is so dedicated to elevating the genre by bringing global backing to local creatives;

“When you’re making music you’re making art, it requires hard work and dedication. It’s hard for artists to be heard so it was a natural step to start a record label – that way I could work with other artists and support them to share their music with the world”.

With a solid offering of services including music & video production, distribution, and promotion, Paws Off Productions focus on building connections and community. Their innovative strategies allow an experiential introduction of your sound through established distribution channels. This has always been a primary business focus, as the key to success in this industry is the relationships that you build;

“For me it’s about collaborating with other artists and creatives, and building a community to support other artists as they’re coming up”.

Providing a fresh approach to production, promotion, and sales for an international audience, Anthony works closely with you to connect directly to your ideal listeners. To book your complimentary in-studio consultation, contact me today.